Monday, June 25, 2012

Kitchen remodel from Retro Cafe to Cottage Chic!

A week or so ago we decided to sell our 1950's dining room table and chairs. Due to my kitchen nook being too small for it. And it actually sold...;-)
As we brainstomed what size and type of table we wanted, we came to the decision to change the whole kitchen from retro to totally cottage chic. With a $500 budget and 4 days available here is the transformation.
Thanks to the Vineyard's Antique mall (buffet $200), Lowe's (paint $80 and chandelier $96) and some friends (pedestal table $75, chairs $40) we found everything we needed inside our budget.
 The old chandelier.       The new chandelier.
The 1950's table and do you see all the red, purple and green? Yeah, that was the reason for the primer we had to use on all the walls.
 Pedestal table was a white with pine color on the top and now grey, aqua and light grey.
 This cabinet was bleach white and thanks to my husband it has this adorable shade of grey.
 The door is aqua with shades of grey and chalkboard paint.
 We painted the bottom kitchen cabinets from white to shades of grey. Oh, did I mention we had to repaint the kitchen cabinets because the first color of grey looked dark and gloomy.
We woke up the next morning after painting them and we both looked into the kitchen and to each other and we said that color got to go! My hubby said ;"they looked like the Army barracks green"
Even the chairs got painted from a brown chenille to a light beige. The only thing I need to add is a skirt made from painter's drop cloth.
We completed the job just in the nick of time!
Let's rest from all the painting, sanding, cleaning,..

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  1. I LOVE your new kitchen!!!!! I love the table and cabinets!!!!