Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our French Rock Garden

After years of battling with growing grass in HOT Texas, we finally got rid of it all! Here are the before and after pictures.
Since we started taking out everything might as well build us a real porch.

  Lepi and his father from 817CONSTRUCTION were doing most of the hard, hard labor. I got to do the supervising ;-) and designing lol. However they were awesome guys to work with and were very flexible when it came to my many changes in the design and add-ons. haha.
After being fried in the Texas sun I suggested the guys use the 2 umbrellas we have...and work went so much more
 Here comes the finished product! After many blisters and sunburns...
I used various pebbles, rock and boulders. Some pavers and retaining wall rock.
 Lepi and his dad - awesome guys. Thank you for making my vision come true! By the way - that huge root...I GOT THAT OUT ALL BY MYSELF! You know that was a battle!
 We chose mostly Texas native plants and lots of herbs like Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme, etc.
 Crepe Myrtles and a beautiful Live Oak in the middle. For ground cover we chose Japanese Jasmine.

 And here is my honey...all happy and celebrating the fact that he does NOT have to mow any more lawns EVER! All he has to do is sit on the porch and smile!
You see what I mean?! He is REALLY rubbing it in!!!! I think he is teasing all the neighbor husbands that are mowing their
All we need now is create shade over our veranda and a couple of rocking chairs. That is the next project.