Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Upcycled Greenhouse

Summer has been approaching fast. Therefore I had to hurry up and get my greenhouse started. Since I am not much of a builder ;-) I had to beg my bohemian son, Jon, to come and build his mom her dream greenhouse. He may be shabby, but he is very able to build me anything I give him a picture of...A couple of years ago he build for me a pergola and painted it in the carribean colors that remind me of the ocean and the beach.
So, finally this month he showed up at my doorstep with his 2 friends and their dog to build me my greenhouse. He said this will be my Mother's Day gift! He is so cute!
I was prepared for him...I gathered all of my vintage windows, shutters and old doors. Bought some cedar and some treated lumber. All cedar would have been over my budget. And here we go....
Great start the 4 posts are almost in...
It got hot and Maya, the dog, had to take a break. She was the supervisor of this operations. Each day she laid around watching them. Hehe...good girl, Maya.

We decided to make each wall different and patch smaller spaces with blinds and scrapwood.
Time for a break! There is Jon, Josh and Haley!

Finally my entrance door was put in.
We had run out of the roofing material and had to go back to Lowes and pick up one more sheet. As we were driving off the parking lot, the wind almost took the sheet off the truck, so I decided to ride on the back and sit on it so it won't fly away! LOL.
There goes another siesta due to the heat that hit us...Josh just crashed. He did not even make it into the house. And of course that was my opportunity to take more pictures of

Here is the completed greenhouse. I just have to add a couple of details to the roof and the front top and we will be ready for winter planting.

Friday, May 11, 2012

From Backyard Jungle to Upcycled Secret Garden

This spring was the time to take control of our backyard and here are some of the before pictures AND almost finished after And of course I forgot to take the REAL before pictures- it used to be a weed jungle however it is now at a manageable level.

We decided to lay flagstone over all them weeds. The first day we carried 800 gallons, we thought we were going to die from all the pain, so we asked a friend with muscles to help us.
Then we decided to get dirt bags to plant our vegetable garden in and here they are.

We got so ambitious we even build some compost bins out of pallets.
Here come the first flagstone.

The bare spot is where my greenhouse is going to be build on.

Here are some of the finished spots on the yard. We used all the things that were laying around having no purpose. The bicycle the neighbor threw out so I painted it white.

 The rockgarden got created because I had left some cement bags out in the rain.

In the next blog I will show our upcycled greenhouse until then have a great time creating!