Saturday, April 7, 2012

Appreciation & support of local Artisans

Yesterday I went to my local artisans, Tom and Nadine, and I am so grateful for them. They do such an excellent job painting furniture and they know exactly what I need for my store.
They emailed me earlier this week letting me know that they completed some really nice French provincial pieces. Take a look:

I felt like a kid before Christmas. Now I will have so many "toys" to play with in my store. I love to have fun rearranging all the showrooms. Between Marta and Nadine talents and giftings this is the result of one of the rooms.

I have been painting and shopping a lot of creams and whites...however I thought of all of you that like black as well so here is a room in black.

Now I must go back to the taxes. I hope I will finish before the free pizza is offered at the post office.
Everyone have a blessed Passover. The Lord Jesus has risen and He is coming back soon!

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