Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring fever at Simply Paris!

Here I first blog past. I will tell you all about my trip to the Texas Hill Country. I went into this cute little crafters corner in Killeen, Texas where I got to meet the nicest store owner. She allowed me to stay in her store even an hour after closing and all this unbeknownst to me.

I went in there to relax and browse and I stumbled upon such beautiful, shabby chic junk. It took my breath away, especially when I heard how much the bill

I found beautiful sachets of lavender and rose petals. Vintage doll heads, umbrellas, vintage bird feeder, vintage lace and more.

Once I finished buying everything in sight we made our way home to Dallas. On the way we discovered a true artist in the shabby chic department. Well, needless to say I increased my inventory and decreased my bank account. Now I have to figure out how to bring all my awesome treasures to the store....what a nice problem to have.


  1. Mia, congrats. look at you, it doesn't even look like your first post. You will be a pro before we knew it. Again such a pleasure meeting you and your husband. Can't wait to see more pictures of your shop. Most importantly I loved meeting a new sister in the Lord as we need to lift each other in prayer. I pray that your blog, your shop, your finances and more importantly your spirit will be prosper in Him. To God be the glory for the amazing things He does!. Be blessed, go shine.

    1. Thank you, are a true blessing to me and I pray that the Lord will bless you as well each and every day. I look forward to seeing you next week.

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  3. Kathryn, you are awesome. I love your work and I would be delighted to get a cake from you. I will let you know when I will be in town nextr week so I can go see your booth in the Belton mall. Could you send me their opening times? I am bringing my 2 best friends with me and we are planning on shopping! lol